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Help with my Recommended Destinations

Help With My Enhanced Trip Profile

Help with my Recommended Destinations

How does the matching engine work?

Huffington Post Destination Discovery's team of travel experts have rated each of the destinations in our database along the same interests that you use when creating your personal profile. These destination profiles are then matched with your prioritized travel profile through a proprietary matching algorithm to create a personalized destination recommendation list that is unique to you.

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Can I further refine and customize my recommendations?

Of course! We offer two ways in which you can further customize your recommendations.

  1. On the left side of the Destination Recommendations page you'll see the travel profile that we used to create your destination recommendations. Simply click on the Edit Profile button. The window will expand and offer you more activities and interests that might better match your trip interests. Simply modify your profile to select up to 10 interests that better fit your personal interests. You can also star up to 3 of the interests that are the most important to you. Once you are done, select the Save Changes button and we will recalculate and recommend new destinations that are now customized just for you!
  2. Interested in even more activities? You can create an Enhanced Trip Profile by selecting the Advanced Search link on the open Edit Profile window. With the Enhanced Profile you will be able to select from all 62 activities and interests that destinations are rated on and specify the exact order of their importance to you.

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Help With Enhanced Trip Profiles

What is an Enhanced Trip Profile?

The destination recommendations we suggest to you are based on our best understanding of your travel interests based on the information you initially provide to us.

In some cases, you might be interested in further personalizing your recommendations by providing more information about your travel interests. Enhanced Trip Profiles meet this need by allowing you to create a travel profile where you have explicitly specified your own interests and activities for a trip.

You can create a detailed and personal trip profile in two ways:

  1. As you select between images in the profile creation process, select the "Create your travel profile manually" text link below the images in either of the first two screens. This will take you into the Enhanced Trip Profile process.
  2. From the Destination Recommendations page, select the Edit Profile button to customize your interests. On the open "drawer" select the Advanced Search text link to move into the Enhanced Trip Profile process.

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How do I create an Enhanced Trip Profile?

You can create a personal Enhanced Trip Profile in two easy steps when you choose to refine your recommendations:

  • Step One

    Select Your Interests. Click on up to 10 interests for your trip. You may also choose to start from one of our pre-set vacations by clicking on the vacation name at the top of the Interests box. The interests you select will automatically be populated in your profile display (in Step Two) in the order your select them. You can drag and drop to change the order.

    View full interest glossary

    Features archaeological ruins of historical interests.
    Features unique or historically interesting architecture.
    Both art museums as well as outdoor art installations.
    Auto-racing venues.
    Beach Activities
    Activities associated with sandy beaches including sunbathing, sand play, shell collecting and any other activities that can be associated with the beach.
    Interests for road bicycles (as opposed to mountain biking). This can range from recreational bicycling for sightseeing purposes to road racing for exercise.
    Nature areas where birding is plentiful.
    Features facilities for camping ranging from car camping to backpack camping.
    Areas which are conducive to canoeing or kayaking.
    Features comedy clubs.
    Cooking Class
    Features cooking classes specific to a regional cuisine, specially targeted or attractive to visitors.
    Cruise ship accommodations and activities.
    Destinations that are renowned for their unique cultures.
    Dance performances of all styles.
    Tourism that is conscious of the environment and seeks to minimize the effect of tourism on the environment.
    Extreme Sports
    Facilities for any sort of adventurous sport including skateboarding, bungee jumping, hang gliding, spelunking, mountaineering or any adrenaline-inducing sport.
    Family Activities
    Features kids museums, amusement parks, man-made and natural attractions that appeal to families.
    Destinations that feature festivals celebrating something unique to that destination or region.
    Fine Dining
    Features fine dining establishments.
    Resources for any type of fishing ranging from lake fishing to fly fishing.
    Foreign Language
    Typically an international destination where a language other than English is the primary language.
    Features legal gambling venues.
    Features golf courses and/or golf facilities including driving ranges or other golf activities.
    Features areas conducive to day hikes or multi-day backpacking trips.
    A destination with notable historical significance.
    Destination with notable religious or sacred significance.
    Horse Racing
    Includes a horse racing venue.
    Horseback Riding
    Areas where horseback riding is available from both a novice tourist ride to a more experienced horseback riding adventure.
    Features a market or bazaar that is typically outdoor and where vendors are locals featuring handmade goods specific to the region.
    Areas which are conducive to meditating. Also features facilities which can aid in meditating through classes/sessions or meditation facilities.
    Destination with notable monuments for people or events specific to the region or destination.
    Mountain Biking
    Focuses exclusively on mountain biking trails.
    Notable museums of any kind, ranging from natural history to art to science.
    Features an active music environment ranging from jazz clubs to orchestra performances.
    National Park
    Features a national park.
    Features areas to explore and enjoy nature. Can include a park setting to a national park.
    Features an active nightlife scene, typically clubs.
    Features parks or gardens typically associated with cities. Usually associated with areas for children to play.
    Performing Arts
    Any venues for people to enjoy the performing arts ranging from dance to musical concerts.
    Professional Sports
    Any venue for people to enjoy professional sports ranging from football to boxing to tennis.
    Features rafting facilities, typically led by a guide.
    Rock Climbing
    Can be either natural rock climbing or rock climbing walls.
    A destination that is known for a romantic adventure. Typically targeted for couples.
    Typically a trip to view wildlife in its natural surroundings. Can be walking safaris or safaris where people view wildlife from within a vehicle.
    Includes both lake sailing and open sea sailing
    Scenic Drive
    Focuses on drives for the purposes of enjoying the scenery.
    Both scuba in the open sea as well as scuba lessons.
    Well-known and varied shopping venues.
    Features snow-skiing facilities.
    Areas known for snorkeling.
    Features Snowboarding facilities.
    Features areas conducive to sunbathing including both beaches, pools, and other areas.
    Features oceans and beaches that are known for surfing.
    Features facilities for both pool and ocean swimming.
    Offers tennis courts area available for play.
    Theme Parks
    An amusement park which features a certain theme that is featured through rides and attractions in the area. Examples include Knott's Berry Farm, Williamsburg, and Disney's Magic Kingdom.
    Area is conducive to walking, either for exercise or for sightseeing.
    Water Skiing
    Water skiing facilities available.
    Facility that offers treatments for the individual ranging from facials to exercise regimens. These can be treatments that last for an hour, such as a facial to several days such as an exercise or wellness weekend.
    Wine Tasting
    Areas that feature wine grape growing, wine making and local wine tasting.
    Studios and facilities for yoga and Pilates.
    Features an aquarium or zoo facility.

    We have asked you to limit your selections to a maximum of ten interests to better prioritize and focus your destination recommendations. You do not need to select all 10 interests. Each interest may only be selected one time. You may remove an interest from your profile display by clicking on the interest again.

  • Step Two

    Complete Your Profile. Once you have chosen the interests for your travel profile, confirm that they are listed in your profile in the order of importance to you (number one being the most important interest for the trip down to number ten as the least important). You can reorder the interest by clicking and dragging the interests within the travel profile.

    Enter your home airport or home city, intended month of travel, hotel budget per traveler, number of travelers and intended style of travel (fly or drive) in the appropriate fields. Huffington Post Destination Discovery asks about your travel plans and preferences so that we can better tailor future travel deal offerings and destinations for your needs. As with your account information, all information you enter is entirely confidential and is not used outside of Huffington Post Destination Discovery. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

  • Advanced Search

    You have the option of further refining your search criteria by clicking on the Advanced Search text link. Your options will depend on whether you have indicated a fly or drive vacation:

    World Region Filtering (Fly only): You can limit your destination recommendations to any of the specified regions of the world. We will look for the best matches for only those regions that you have selected. The default option is recommendations in all world regions.

    "I loved my vacation to..." (both Fly and Drive) We know that many of you are avid travelers and have favorite vacation destinations that you might like to visit over and over again. When it's time to try a new destination, we can help recommend a different destination that meets your profile requirements and also shares many of the same features as your favorite vacation spot. Simply enter the name of the destination you love and we'll factor those qualities about that destination that you love into the recommendations we return to you.

    For example, if you love Barcelona but want to try a new destination, create a new travel profile and enter Barcelona in the indicated field. We'll search for destinations that both meet your travel profile and are also "like" Barcelona to return you recommendations that share the best of both worlds!

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